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Harry Potterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Gosh yesterday from the time we went barnes and nobels around 10:15 p.m to the time it was going to be hadnded out and to see my sis standing in line to get the book and 250+ other ppl doing the same at midnight... all the noise, excitements, boy friends bitching about going home, mothers yelling and grandmas complaining that they made the preorder but still had to stand in line yet in all the comotion the fans stood still and feeling jittery to get their hands on the book... after my sis got the book a little girl who was still standing in line came up to her and told.. oh I just want to feel the cover... ahhhhhhhh and then she went away... I thought it will be just little craze but darn was I wrong... I think if I would have made my sis wait for the next day and than got the book, for sure I would have missed the so called craze of harry potter... hmmmmm hard to except but now I feel like I should pick up the darn 1st book and catch up what I quit after 50 pages... I guess it might j

lolzzz been lazy this week...

It was a ok week and lots of things happened... I tried to call up on a friend of mine, even though I had zero clue on what I will talk about but strangly wasn't able to get through... other things was I talked to my online buddy finally after like a year of numbers exchange lolzzzzz but that wasn't lazyness on my part got a new printer at home from dell... it looks very slick with flatbed scanner, fax, copier and finally a printer that prints without any manual adjustments lolzzzz... we all make life so complicated with gadgets that just doesn't work.. ne way life is cool and beeing busy lately with work and stuff so catch ya all later tc bye

it's that April 13th again..

It's my neice's birthday she turned 3 today and it's fun to talk to her on the phone and especialy today as she only talking to the ppl who call her birthday girl lolzzzz hehehe... last year she hardly was able to talk and this year she is saying big sentences and it's cool to talk as sometimes she says the darnest things which just makes me laugh.... Happy Birthday little angle of my life @ } ---