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Happy First Wedding Anniversary

Its already past mid night and wishing my love, a happy first wedding anniversary. May Allah guide us both in the islamic path and the love for each other. Enjoy the emails :) Send this eCard !

Happy Islamic Anniversary

Wishing my wife a Happy First Islamic Anniversary. May Allah bless your wishes :) Thanks honey for the lovely e-cards, phone call and above all the love of yours.

Victory for Obama

Update: It's Jan 2012 and I don't feel so much excitement, but it's hard to see anyone except Ron Paul in Republican primary when all the other candidates seems to say they will put restrictions or requirements on Muslims they hire in there office. If I have to pick lesser of two bad apples than I would end up with same previous choice and I don't know if that will be a sad choice or happy choice. Last night I voted for Obama and watched the news and discussions on media networks past midnight eastern timezone and it was amazing how people really showed that common sense matter and it feels good to be part of a great moment in history while seeing it unfold. Being a Muslim it mattered a lot to me that next four years doesn't become the same as the past eight years and i real feel good about voting for Obama. It does look like certain Muslims feel that McCain would have been better for like Pakistan future but overall it's not about just one country but a entire