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Michigan Unclaimed Property Search

So many Muslims don't bother looking up money that they might be entitle too and it is just sitting in the government vault at Department of Treasury when the property or money is unclaimed...

A simple search for the name "Syed" found 199 matches.

if you just want to check it out just go to unclaimed property page of the web site.


New Syndicated feedburner url

Now my blog feeds are syndicated through feedburner. Not 100% sure what difference this will make but it seems cool enough.

thought to share... my twitter is back up, starting to link up all accounts (blogger, facebook, website, twitter) so all keep in sync if updated on one, i hope in coming months there will be even simple method than what i had to do...

have nice day :)

Dream job 2: Exotic psychologist - 24 October 2009 - New Scientist

Dream job 2: Exotic psychologist - 24 October 2009 - New Scientist
I don't know the exact view point this articles author is trying to make, nor do I think I can predict or sense what a friend from another room, but to me sometimes it feels weird that I can fill in other peoples word when they get stuck, and many other people do the same, either we use the words too common that we all can predict it or it's something totally different...
i don't know what it is but i do feel good when i can predict the one word that another person is having struggle with uttering out for few seconds... I feel same strangeness when others do the same to me... it's cool, weird and silly at the same time...

Fancy hours of St. John Health Billing Department

The billing department of St John Health systems suppose to be open till 4:15 p.m but ironically the message says that the department is closed now and call between 8 a.m and 4:15 p.m when the time now is just 3:55 p.m.
Why send a fancy bill with with so called business hours if people will not be their to answer the darn phone :(
ahhhhhhh i have to wait to find out, what's the detail about this darn bill.

Planning for reception

It’s not easy to plan for big events, there are always things in question till last min and that’s what I feel right now about the planned reception at the end of the June.I am hoping that by the time it comes I will have all figure out and have the best reception :)

Welcome back kotter on you tube

Very funny episode of welcome back kotter (you tube link), came across this drama after reading something about this program and John Travolta being a success in his movie “Saturday Night Fever”.This episode is too funny if you watch the previous episodes and than watch this one, it’s just too hilarious and well executed.