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Fake Debt Collectors

Update: Found this detail on Free Press for reporting: "To report a problem, call the Michigan Department of Human Services Adult Protective Services' 24-hour hotline at 800-996-6228. Original Post: Strange call, my dad received a phone call from some Law Firm. First day my parents said it was a lady then next day it was a guy and another day when i picked up the phone it was a guy, who transferred me to another supervisor guy than a lawyer guy. The guy was persistent that my parents took a cash out at some advance america or some store. He kept telling we are suing you (your parents) for money. When asked when the money was taken out he said two months ago and i said two months, in two months you decided to sue without red letters or debt collectors letter or any kind of letter first? He was keep giving me that we are a Law Firm from Texas and what not and it will be over $4000 if you don't settle it now over the phone and blah blah... when i kept asking for more and more

Eid and Bargaining for Bakrah!

I visited Hyderabad, India for the Eid (Nov 2011) and it was a surreal experience. After many years I was able to feel the excitement of interacting with people, bargaining with vendors, and with a bit of  chaos traffic and awesomeness of festival atmosphere. The Eid celebration in Hyderabad felt obviously different than the suburban life in U.S. Instead of just sending the money for sacrifice through western union, I was actually able go through the entire experience myself after many years. Starting with leaving the house to purchase the animal for sacrifice, I first have to adjust to crossing the fast traffic roads, than walking on those roads while avoiding bumping into pedestrians, animals, bikes, and autos. For a moment it felt overwhelming as if I just want to stand on the side of the road and just watch it all from afar. Trying to negotiate a price of the animal is as much art as anything, and people there seems to have a sixth sense finding out if you are a foreigner or not. O

Blogger Not Supported on Opera 11.51

I thought the latest version of Opera supports all the HTML5 features, but it seems does support it. I see a message at the top of the page mentioning "Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems. If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss" I hope in the future there will be a support for Opera browser as I like to use it for the purpose of development and testing. It will be nice if it's supported but if its not, it will be sad that I will have to post from a non supported browser.

Lost thought

Today I feel like I have nothing to share yet I am typing, not sure what to share and what to say. Hmmm oh yeah, I am anxious to know, who will be those lucky people to see the return of the space satellite while it hurls down to earth, with few brief moments of lights and sparkle but hopefully no one will be hurt. Just don't let it be me. I haven't had the luxury to, do the things i want to do, may be next year i just might go for sky diving or go fishing all the way out in the middle of the ocean or lake, if not then just the pond. Any way i guess this is it for today, will touch base later on.

Social Media and its Drawbacks

Social Media is a great tool for emergency's and events but sometimes it leads to more confusion and chaos. When a tweet or Facebook update creates a pandaemonium, people jump to conclusions and report or share things which are not true. Recently the strange drawback effect was felt through out the online and brick and mortar stores when people kept sharing information regarding HP Touchpad; even though the product was long sold out. People were still acting up and sharing information as if it's available. Every one is not going to use Social Media as a standard. Every tweet, update or share will create something unique and people need to filter out the information correctly so that they themselves do not fall victim to it.

How to Write a Great Blog Content every time!

Writing a blog post can be a hassle but if it is done right it will be a rewarding in many ways. First of all, it will help you narrow down the methods and ideas that makes you understand the structure and language that is necessary for a great blog. Second, you can promote, your professional services, your website or just share your passion about certain subjects. Lastly, you can make money out of your blogs. Well the last point is not why one will write great blog; but it does help to get paid to write. If money is the motivation for blog than it's better to join big name blog syndication websites to get your times worth; otherwise, you will be doing most of the work yourself and not be focusing on the actual content of the blog. If you are new to the blogging than I will suggest you pickup these books on blogs.

Blogger: Another blog is already hosted at this address.

Today I ran across the issue on blogger for setup of domain name with error message of "Another blog is already hosted at this address.". This particular error seems to come from multiple scenarios: Domain being used up by setting up as Google Apps domain and using the sites feature of google apps. Or another administrator or the same person, long ago setup the domain on another login of the blogger/google account.  Domain name mapping changed after blogger publish setup; and it is not mapped correctly to under the domain registrar after either moving the domain to new registrar or the zone file updated without reestablishing the old zone file settings. For the first issue the tipsblogger have a solution with screenshots: I will update my blog to add more details or scenarios where this issue might be the reason later on. If you have though