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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all, may this year bring peace, safety and joy for you all. Knowing the good and bad that the 2012 has given us, I hope that the 2013 will be different. It is not easy to understand or live the pain and suffering that some has experienced in 2012 but I can hope and pray that things will be better for those you are alive and pray that those who have departed to gain Heaven with almighty's wishes. I feel troubled and saddened by what has happened to the girl in India and how, entire India is shoulder to shoulder as one voice for change; change for the betterment of India and safety for women in India. There is no joy in letting go this past year but I hope that the new year will bring in more joy and happiness to everyone. Happy New Year 2013.

Referral Links

Vonage - 2012/11/14 Do you call long distance or international? Or If you want to save money, check-out #Vonage. You may even get a month of phone service free! Click on the following referral link. Have a nice day!

Raspberry Pi supercomputer

I was thinking about this and some team has already went ahead and implemented it. Everything is so cool, on how the implementation was done; and even interesting after reading the article was, some of the comments on the page, seriously some people's comments is like, a little kid who flushes the toilet and sees with amazement; and later with adults conversation, raises his hand and says "me, me, me" "i know how the world works, it goes round and round, round and round". :-)

Waiting for Surface to Stand On!

I have been waiting for a #Surface for so long that, I feel like the new gadgets like #iPadMini are just making it hard for me to wait. I feel like once I get the surface, I will feel the notion of sanding on some surface rather feel pad'ed mini side. It's not that I don't like Apple products but it's just I like the Microsoft Ecosystem. No no, I do have Amazon Kindle and Samsung Galaxy for family and additional family members have Apple iPad and such, but for me, I like the wait for windows products. I have waited to purchase the laptop of 64 bit with Windows 7 when latest Mac was available, I waited for Xbox Kinect when popular Wii was available and I have even waited for Windows Phone when obviously iPhone was available. My wait it seems is nothing to do with popularity but rather this notion which I see with unions or people working on particular car; that they wish to buy mostly the product or product that they contributed something in the making. For me it seems s

Kinect Fitness Games: What to buy?

I am thinking about purchasing either the last years, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 or wait till the new upcoming Nike+ Kinect Training game is released. I have the Fitness Evolved (2010) but feel I need the new game, to be motivated and not feel like I am playing some arcade gym game. I have no clue about how the Nike+ will be and not sure either if the waiting for the release and paying the full price will be best money spend? and at same time I feel purchasing last year's Fitness Evolved 2012 will result in, losing new features or items that may be available in Nike+. Such a confusing dilemma. If anyone has any thoughts please share below. Update: Bought the Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, it just seems right to upgrade the 2010 game as I didn't wanted to lose out my game stats. So far from few of the workouts and classes the game seems to work with my schedule and easy to switch plans if needs be.

Unknown phone calls

Received a phone call from (702) 705-5217 which states as from consumer gas or something and that I am entitle to some money but when I look up the number it says it's a mobile phone number and it is from las vegas, NV area. Ahh looks like I have to keep saving all this numbers to a blank contact so that in the future I can ignore when I see it is from the blank contact.

What is Politeness policy under Search Engines?

I am kind of dumb founded to learn about this politeness policy under one of the search engines webmaster tools. Is the politeness issue refers to my blog tone or is it talking about repeated submissions of the web site URL or something totally different? Under Wikipedia web page for Web Crawler , it has text as "The MercatorWeb crawler follows an adaptive politeness policy: if it took t seconds to download a document from a given server, the crawler waits for 10 t seconds before downloading the next page." Now what does it mean? This is talking about something totally different about time and response. I may have to hold on to this issue as I couldn't figure out what is what. If you have an answer to enlighten me please post it in the comments. Thanks.

The Beginning of the "Page Not Found" gTLDs

Have you heard, there are companies that are trying to hoard domain endings like ".live", ".moto" or ".lol"? All this seems good from a business prospective but what about from content prospective. Have we not already gone through the horrors of page are page resulting to a "Page Not Found" trap? Many time's when I search for a technical document or information document, I end up with a link, looking at the "This domain is no longer active" and with junk content with bunch of search results related to the domain-name. Now the horror could be ten folds if these new extensions are misused for content website. We hope the people that are paying large amounts to get such TLD's will not used it for revenue generation but to promote better content. We are finally seems to be getting away from Klout score overuse as mentioned by recent PC Mag slideshow article and we don't want to fall into TLD craze.

Free Fishing Weekend in Michigan

In Michigan you can find the Free Fishing events for 2012 Summer. Check out the details below on this web site. 2012 Summer Free Fishing Weekend Event Planning e-Toolkit,4570,7-153-10364_52261_50497-267558--,00.html

Vonage Website and service effected?

Update 1: I can access the secure URL  but not the regular non secure one. But even after sucessful login, I get he alert message "We apologize for any inconvenience... We are currently upgrading our system to provide you better service. ". I guess I have to wait till all the website issues are resolved to access my account dashboard. Update 2: Web site has worked out fine and I was able to update the account details. Original Post: 2012-02-02 I am not sure what the real problem of the web site of vonage is, but it has been down for hours for me and it is annoying. Not sure if also my home service is effected too or not, as many on twitter are complaining of service being effected. A message on twitter which is being reposted by almost all the contributers of the vonage support twitter account says: "The updates are site-wide. Our engineers are aware of the outage and are working expeditiously to resolve the issue." I hope the

Rosetta Stone Error 2125

Why would I get a Rosetta Stone Version 3 Error 2125 after all these months? ************* Update: I have a blog post on another page: ************* It states that the "Database is out of date and could not be updated. Please contact Customer Support. See your Quick Start card or visit for contact information." And it's only option is "Exit the Application" seriously where was the so call end date displayed for the database to be out of date? I don't recall reading such note? This is just crazy, now I have to call support for something I paid lot of money for and can't use it because it has some kind of fishy end of application use date. I wonder if I would be told, oh you did not read the fine print! I don't know what this migration error is speaking of. * * * Wed Jan 11 2012 @ 12:45:16 GMT-0500 * * * Migrator Version: undefin