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Can you really tell a persons race or religion by looking at there face

I have hard time in social gathering especially when it's a birthday party of first years or second years... I tend to go for Hello accept the other person says AsSalaamAlaikum and it makes me feel awkward because they know I am Muslim but I wasn't able to figure out if they are Muslim or not and it's bothers me... it bothers me because I have hard time figuring out if the person is Muslim or not and once or twice I made the wrong choice to greet the person's with AsSalaam alaikum only to be told "I am not Muslim" or later told by someone else that "that buddy is not a Muslim" not that it's bad but ppl seems to get offended sometimes and that's why i feel I should be smart enough to figure out by face but it's not so easy... well i just came to this though yesterday at my coworkers child's first birthday... especially what bothered me was I though of this brother as non Muslim until he joined in for magrib prayers.... i just felt bad