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Vonage Website and service effected?

Update 1: I can access the secure URL  but not the regular non secure one. But even after sucessful login, I get he alert message "We apologize for any inconvenience... We are currently upgrading our system to provide you better service. ". I guess I have to wait till all the website issues are resolved to access my account dashboard. Update 2: Web site has worked out fine and I was able to update the account details. Original Post: 2012-02-02 I am not sure what the real problem of the web site of vonage is, but it has been down for hours for me and it is annoying. Not sure if also my home service is effected too or not, as many on twitter are complaining of service being effected. A message on twitter which is being reposted by almost all the contributers of the vonage support twitter account says: "The updates are site-wide. Our engineers are aware of the outage and are working expeditiously to resolve the issue." I hope the website and th