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Rosetta Stone Error 2125

Why would I get a Rosetta Stone Version 3 Error 2125 after all these months? ************* Update: I have a blog post on another page: ************* It states that the "Database is out of date and could not be updated. Please contact Customer Support. See your Quick Start card or visit for contact information." And it's only option is "Exit the Application" seriously where was the so call end date displayed for the database to be out of date? I don't recall reading such note? This is just crazy, now I have to call support for something I paid lot of money for and can't use it because it has some kind of fishy end of application use date. I wonder if I would be told, oh you did not read the fine print! I don't know what this migration error is speaking of. * * * Wed Jan 11 2012 @ 12:45:16 GMT-0500 * * * Migrator Version: undefined.undefined.undefine