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Making money like a pro!!!

Update: The SogoTrade experience turned out to be not so much fun, I have to cancel the account after it got transferred to Wang Investments. Not so much fun when you have to repeat too much to get the papers that you really need.

I always wonder if its possible to make money like a professional and more often then not I spend countless hours researching web sites after web sites to find a easy solution and I found almost non.

Recently I found the site called SogoTrade it's a trading website, I know what lot of you might be thinking, it's a gimick or something but the fact of the matter is it gives me the total control of my money and I am not giving out money to someone else to make money, who intern eats up my money in services charges or management cost. This web site to the contrary have all kinds of research and help tutorials. I started off with mere 25 dollars and then when I had enough savings I did couple of trades...

First time I made few cents was amazing but quickly I learned I can lose lot of money too, so i sold lot things i purchased and went back in to the resource section and saw more videos, then once i understood how the process work i started making money one stock gained as much as 21% and it was mind boggoling and out right crazy... but one thing you have to be careful is don't jump on sinking ship. I will raise my hand, that i did this more than once, where i thought i am getting a good deal but it turn out a week later that i overpaid three times the amount that the stock is now.

so be careful where you put your money and be proactive about your money. sometimes you have to be bold in life and when you make bold decisions in life, life teaches you things that normally you will not learn and someone said it right "to make money you have to spend money" and I totally agree with this statement, that's why I have some what learning curve setup at SogoTrade ....

sometimes its silly to think why risk the money but sometimes it's like you have to take a risk to learn the jargan of making more money like a pro.

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