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Congressman: Rep. John Murtha large intestine was damaged during gallbladder surgery

It’s a bit shocking to hear that Rep. John Murtha died due to complications with the gallbladder surgery, as I read just the headline and not the details, I am little dumb struck to hear it as my dad has went through the same surgery. As people say sometimes “ignorance is bliss”, when the doctor told my family and I about the  complications that can happen and how many percentage is the successful rate of surgery, I didn’t seem to register it all, or it could be that i didn’t wanted to register the bad and only want to hope for the best.


To give a little background on my dad’s health, he has dialysis every other day due to his almost non working kidney’s and blood pressure and other symptoms.

A day before the surgery dad was having very fluctuating high  fever which doctors diagnosed as an issue with the gallbladder, and within some hours of diagnosis we were asked about to make the decision about the surgery next day has the medicine he has taken needs to flush out from his body before the surgery.

My dad has gone through lot of surgeries due to his complications in the kidney, but saying yes to the surgery was in a way no choice answer, we were told that he has to have it removed or he will have same symptoms or worst more complications.

As my family agreed and said yes, it was a bit unreal, the uncertainty and at the same time reality of saying yes at the situation. The silent silence on the family that was present in the hospital room was so unbearably noticeable as well as an uneasiness noticed by the another patient who as also in the room just a curtain away. I can totally understand the patients view who is disturbed by all the commotion and the chatter, and i guess there is no simple or right way when such a situation happens.


The next day came with more uneasiness and as dad went in for the surgery it was a bit unreal as much as I was scared I was truly felt as if nothing wrong will happen and everything will be perfect and normal, it’s a bit terrifying now when I hear about the Rep. John Murtha’s death, as for as my dad’s surgery it went without and an issue and his recovery was faster than we anticipated it to be.


I wish Murtha’s family patience and peace.


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