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Adobe Forums: Verity Spider - Bad Keys

Adobe Forums: Verity Spider - Bad Keys

It was a painful experience to make the vspider work on the win 2008 r2 for new install of coldfusion 9.

I had to move our client application from ColdFusion MX 6.1 to ColdFusion 9 server and the verity eat up lot of time than I was anticipating, the solution was right in-front of me on this top link forum post but I couldn't understand what was needed.

Finally downloading the ColdFusion 9 Documentation and using the mkvdk command line as documented solved the issue. In ColdFusion 6.1 things were different and the automated script that I wrote 5 years ago has worked like a charm so far but now that I was upgrading the client application, things didn't worked out as expected.

If any one has to end up supporting and migrating a ColdFusion 6 automated search index to ColdFusion 9 than here is the solution for you:

1. Log In to Administrator site
2. Delete the migration indexes that are not working in the ColdFusion Collections
3. Delete the folder's of the indexes on physical drive
4. Restart ColdFusion Search Services
5. Modify and Run the below command for your migration indexes.

mkvdk -create -collection C:\ColdFusion9\verity\collections\YourSiteIndex -style C:\ColdFusion9\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider

The above mkvdk is one line .bat file for me.

6. Run your search index call, I use the command line utility

C:\ColdFusion9\verity\k2\_nti40\bin\vspider -cmdfile C:\Inetpub\YourWebSite\search_index.txt > C:\Inetpub\YourWebSite\search_index.log

and the search_index.txt has the following text

-common C:\ColdFusion9\verity\k2\common
-collection C:\ColdFusion9\verity\collections\YourSearchIndex
-host localhost
-loglevel verbose
-locale englishx
-indinclude "*/resources/news.cfm*" "*/resources/news_list.cfm"
-include "*/resources/news.cfm*" "*/resources/news_list.cfm"
-indskip a "*to parent directory*"
-nofollow "*parent directory*"
-delay 100
-connections 2
-indexers 1
-retry 2

Hope anyone who needs some minor help with migrating the ColdFusion 6.1 automated batch script of the search index will find this post to be helpful.



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