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Crazy Money: Meade 14" LX200-ACF

Meade Instruments Corporation - Meade 14" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free w/UHTC #1410-60-03

Darn telescope $6,999.00 :o, after looking over many telescopes for fun viewing for months, now it seems the one I like to purchase is the one i cannot afford (unless I win it in sweepstakes)

Last week I was so much into building a telescope from scratch that I almost thought about buying the concave mirrors and other items mentioned by some of the astronomy groups from amazon or best-buy and even went to best-buy and one more store "magnifiers and glass" only to realize this store is for senior citizen's eye glass lol.

Sadly the excitement to build quickly died out when I purchased a Emerson 50x100mm telescope for $7.99 with additional coupon of 5 dollars on 25 dollars purchase from cvs... in reality the telescope might have ended up under 4 dollars.

It's a good deal from what I was going to build by purchasing mirror's, tubes, duct tape and what not and it is sad because the darn 7.99 deal killed my dream to experience the joy of building a telescope, after watching so many YouTube videos on how to build a telescope.

From the telescope I purchase, i didn't really see much and I am feeling good now that, the one I was going to build would have turned up similar or most likely worse, so all in all the cvs deal may have saved me the migraines, money and lot of cursing lolz, but now the other issue is I am drooling over the most freakishly expensive telescopes out there...

If only if my prescription glass could have been auto convertible to telescope, life would be easier :)

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