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Did Amazon survival vindicated cloud hosting?

With the recent failure of big name brands websites in the face of DDoS attacks kind of brought to the attention the vulnerability of hosted solutions but the survival of the in the face of calamity does shed a light to the Cloud Hosting. It boost the flexibility of cloud hosting not just of the Amazon cloud hosting solution but the cloud hosting in general. When a vast distributed system is setup mainly to deal with this kind of situation and it lives up to it; it speaks volumes.

It seems that in the face of calamity Amazon survival just might have given the boost to cloud hosting. Some might argue it's not a big deal or the attack didn't really take place but what ever the case might have been but to an IT administrator this example could be used as "what happened" rather than saying "what if" such and such or x, y, z scenario.

I don't have nor suggested so far to my clients any hosting at Amazon cloud, Microsoft Azure or Google App Engine; well at least not yet :-)

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